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Content Delivery Selection - Cost Analysis - IT Training Services

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Content Delivery Selection: Cost, Time Compression, and Convenience

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Technology Driven IT Training

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SYS-ED provides web-based training services. The success of web-based information technology training requires matching the delivery system - hardware, bandwidth, security, and hands-on exercises with the software subject matter to be trained on and the background and ability of the employee to learn.

In order to meet this requirement, distance-learning is offered selectively and enrollment in a course is allowed only after a consultation with both the manager sending the employee for the training and the employee to be trained. Information technology subject matter and topics will not in all cases, lend itself to a web-based learning format.  Web-based content can work well with programming languages and can be personalized; network administration and web design typically does not.

SYS-ED training services are designed to assist our clients in reducing or eliminating training expenses. We also will review self-paced e-learning and licensing of courseware with a prospective client.

These forms are designed to help organizations identify the costs associated with providing IT training for its employees. It can then be used to estimate the costs associated with the decisions and different ways of having the training provided. Contact our office for course fee details and the presentation of a cost analysis.

1 - Send an Employee to a SYS-ED Training Center. 2 - Training at the Client Location. 3 - Web-based Delivery of Content.
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