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Information technology is evolving and its impact on organizational enterprise - programming methologies and cloud computing is significantly different than the first 50 years of the modern era of data processing. Computer Education Techniques, Inc. researches and aggregates information in the public domain: open source and trial software, vendor documentation, authorized textbooks, white papers, published benchmarks, and report journalism. This information is then analyzed in relation to the course titles, subject matter, and sequencing of content listed by the software companies, purveyors of open source software, and third party training organizations on their websites.

There are three categories of SYS-ED courses: industry standard content, client-specific training, and specialized training.

  • Industry standard courses are five or fewer days in duration and correspond to source.
  • Client-specific training incorporates project specifications and operational objectives to be applied on the job.
  • Specialized training is subject matter in hybrid areas of information technology where there is no NRV: Nationally Recognized Vendor

Subject matter is organized and developed based upon the standards and lesson plans mandated by the New York State Department of Education. Client organizations are presented with a choice of delivery medium to select from to address operational, time, and validation assessment requirements.

Each category can be augemented with course search engine titles and subject matter and integrated into a training program which is two to eight weeks in duration. This includes textbook extensions, training aids, review questions, and pre and post course validation. Many industry standard training programs also have an associated curriculum or courseware as learning center.


Web-based and Instructor-led Information Technology Training
Synchronous Distance-learning Instructor-led Classroom Asynchronous Web-based learning

Compilation and Analysis of Information in the Public Domain
Technology Updates Course Search Engine Technology Assessments
Textbook Extensions Learning Paths Interrelated Information Technology

New York State Department of Education Regulations and Standards
Industry Standard Courses Client-specific Specialized Training

Upon completion of an instructor-led course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize content for future utilization in a web-based medium and training infrastructure.