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Technology Driven IT Training

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Courseware for Teaching

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Information technology is evolving and its impact on organizational infrastructure and cloud computing is significantly different than the first 50 years of the modern era of data processing. Computer Education Techniques aggregates and analyzes information in the public domain: software, vendor documentation, industry standard textbooks, white papers, published benchmarks, and report journalism. We perform an independent assessment and compare it with the consultancy experience of our staff and technology partners. This information is then analyzed in relation to the course titles, subject matter, and sequencing of content listed by the software companies, purveyors of open source software, and third party training organizations on the world wide web. The by product of this work are the technology assessments and updates on SYS-ED categorized and software specific websites.

CETi offers three categories of SYS-ED brand courses: industry standard content, specialized training, and training programs. Each is organized and developed based upon the standards and lesson plans mandated by the New York State Department of Education. Client organizations are presented with a palette of delivery medium to select from in order to address operational, time, and validation assessment requirements.

Upon completion of an instructor-led course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize content for future utilization in a web-based medium and training infrastructure.

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