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This service is being developed and marketed based upon the standards and regulations of the New York State Department of Education, Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision: Sections 5001 through 5010 of Education Law and Part 126 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

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Mobile App Device and Web Development Training Services

SYS-ED's web and mobile device programming curriculum has been developed from downloads of software and source software company documentation and whitepapers. Prototype code is utilized on SYS-ED software-specific websites in order to demonstrate its functionality.

The distance-learning service is an extension of the SYS-ED schedule, inclusive of courseware and training aids. A distance-learning course is 65% lecture with pre and post course assessment, review questions, examples, workshops, and website support services.

The lesson plans for courses in the public domain are being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education. At the present time courses are offered only on a private basis at the client location or through the client's distance-learning transmission system.

Web Authoring and Client-side Scripting

AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML HTML5 - Fundamentals HTML5 for Mobile Devices
HTML5 Programming JavaScript JavaScript: Enterprise Web Application Development
JavaScript: Web Application Development Ruby on Rails Web 2.0 Application Development

Mobile Web Programming

ARM - Assembler Programming Java: Device and Smart Card Programming jQuery
jQuery Mobile Mobile Applications - J2ME Programming Mobile Web - Best Practices
OData SDK Sencha Touch Symbian Programming and Development

Google Platform Software

GXT: Fundamentals GWT: Google Web Toolkit Go Programming
Android Application Development Android Studio SQLite

MS Phone and Windows 8 - 10 Style Mobile Platform

MS Windows Phone 7 Application Development MS Silverlight for the Windows Phone MS LightSwitch
  MS Windows 8: Style Apps Programming (formerly Metro)  

Apple Mobile Device Programming

iOS Native Applications iPhone/iPad Application Development Objective-C Programming

Information Technology Courses and Training Services
for Fortune 1000 Companies and Healthcare Providers

Java Language

Java Fundamentals Java Application Development Java Application Development - Advanced
Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, and XML Java Database Access with JDBC Struts 2 for Developers
Java Programming: Spring Framework Hibernate - Developing Java Relational Persistence Applications JSP: JavaServer Pages
Java Foundation Class - Swing JSF: JavaServer Faces Java: Servlet, JSP Design, and Development with Eclipse

IBM Rational and WebSphere

WAS: WebSphere Application Server WebSphere MQ: Administration Rational Application Developer: Java Developer
Rational Application Developer: Servlet and JSP Development Rational Application Developer: Web Services Development Rational Developer for System z: Programming

Oracle Web Server and WebLogic Server Platform

WebLogic Server: Administration Oracle Application Server: Administration GlassFish Web Server Administration
WebLogic Server: Enterprise Application Development WebLogic Enterprise Web Services Development WebLogic Server: JEE Web Application Development

Enrollment requires a consultation with the manager sending the employee for the training. The prospective trainee needs to be qualified for the course and the service transmission to the client location tested: bandwidth, firewall, base operating system, software requirements, web browser, and set up of machine exercises. SYS-ED reserves the right to deny enrollment in its courses.

Additional information can be obtained by completing the request form.

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