Mainframe Training Services - Financial Institutions in the 1980's

Mainframe Training Services - Financial Institution in the 1980's

Mainframe System Software Training Services - Financial Institutions


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SYS-ED has longstanding experience in teaching IBM mainframe system software and providing educational consultancy to financial services companies. Our staff has first generation consultancy expertise in the design and coding of applications on mainstay CICS, IMS, and VSAM system software and the transition to the current generation of web-enabled software in interrelated information technology.

System consultants from the 1980's continue to have a position on the SYS-ED staff or have become CETi technology partners.
Mainframe Training 1980 - 2000:
Financial Services
Integrated Courses and Training Programs Maintenance, Modernization, and
SOA: Service Oriented Architecture

Cloud Computing and IBM Mainframe Virtualization

IBM Mainframe Virtualization

IBM Rational Developer for System z

IBM WebSphere MQ

IBM CICS Transaction Server Learning Path

IBM IMS: Hierarchical Database Learning Path

z/OS Mainframe Environment -
Maintenance and Development Learning Path

VSAM Learning Path

Mainframe Technology Updates
Shaded gray shell indicates a third party software provider.

z/OS Operating System z/VSE Operating System z/VM Operating System
DYL-280:(VISION:RESULTS) File-AID Family IBM Tools
ISPF Productivity Tool Programming Skills TSO ISPF and Dialog Manager
CICS Transaction Server COBOL Programming DB2 Relational Database
Easytrieve Plus IB FOCUS IMS
Transaction Server
Programming Languages Rational Developer for System z REXX
American Express Distance-learning SYS-ED SYSED
IMS DB DL/1 Application Programming
IMS DC Message Format Services Programming
Bank of America
CICS Application Design  
Entry Level Mainframe Operations and System Programming
Assembler Language COBOL Programming Language
PL/1 Programming Language CICS Transaction Server
Bank One
CICS Command Level Programming
CICS Fundamentals  
VSAM Structure and Strategies Courseware for Teaching and Reference Documentation
VSAM for Programmers

SYS-ED's mainframe courseware has been organized into a learning center. It is used in conjunction with teaching programming skills, mainframe utilities and development tools, and programming languages in the IBM mainframe systems software environment. It is highly valued in those areas where there is a scarcity of industry standard textbooks and source software company training documentation. It can be reviewed and utilized in an advertising free environment.

Citibank and Smith Barney
CICS Command Level Programming
CICS InterTest
  Computer Education Techniques Knowledge Base

CETI Knowledge Base
Mainframe Courseware Library

Mainframe Courseware Library
Dun and Bradstreet
CICS Logic and Debugging
CICS InterTest 1
Home Savings
VSAM Introduction
VSAM for Programmers
VSAM Structure and Strategies
VSAM Performance and Tuning Reference Guides - Courseware CETi

Reference Documentation
Manufacturers Hanover Bank 2
CICS Command Level Programming
Midlantic Bank
CICS Command Level Programming
VSAM for Programmers
IMS DB DL/1 Application Programming
Morgan Guaranty Trust Longstanding Consultancy Experience in Information Technology

Longstanding Experience
in Information Technology
SYS-ED/New York Schedule and Content Delivery Selection

Selection of Delivery Medium
and Cost Analysis
CICS Command Level Programming
VSAM Structure and Strategies
Pittsburgh National Bank 3
CICS Application Design
CICS Command Level Programming
CICS Command Level Programming - Advanced
CICS Logic and Debugging
CICS InterTest

Footnotes 1 and 3:

The course instruction provided was with the Assembler programming language.

Footnote 2:

A variety of z/OS courses - JCL, COBOL, and DB2 courses also were provided in conjunction with acquisition of companies.