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Information Technology Consultancy Services


Recognized Experts in Information Technology

SYS-ED selectively accepts consulting assignments.  Our staff of system consultants average over 30 years of experience in defining and delivering cost effective solutions which addressed the  information technology requirements for organizational enterprise. Over the years, we have developed expertise in a variety of industries and applications.

Operating Systems/Hardware Platforms Web Servers
Database - Scalable and Enterprise Web Development and Scripting
Programming Languages and Development Platforms Mainframe Programming Languages
Mainframe Systems Software Demonstrated Excellence
Cloud Computing Knowledge Base

CETi technology partners have designed and delivered computer systems include the New York Stock Exchange, Blue Cross Blue/Shield, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and the Government of Portugal. A by-product of the consultancy assignments typically are new and better ways of designing, coding, and debugging software and information technology systems.

Commercial , Open Source, and Hybrid Software Information Technology 1

Information Technology Consultancy Services

Operating Systems/Hardware Platforms
z/VM z/VSE z/OS
Linux and UNIX MS Family Operating Systems  

Web Servers
IBM WebSphere MS IIS Oracle WLS: WebLogic Server and Oracle OAS: Application Server
Apache Web Server Java Web Server  

Database Scalable and Enterprise
IBM Db2 MS SQL Server Oracle Database
MySQL SAP Sybase Scalable Databases

Web Development and Scripting
HTML HTML5 JavaScript

Programming Languages and Development Platforms
Borland Delphi Information Builders:
MS Windows Programming C and C++ Languages Java Language and Development Platform

Mainframe Programming Languages
Assembler COBOL, COBOL.NET, and Enterprise COBOL Fortran
PL/1 REXX IBM Rational

Mainframe Systems Software
CA-IDMS Computer Associates - Utilities Compuware - Utilities and Tools
IBM Mainframe Programming Skills IBM CICS Transaction Server IBM - Db2
IBM IMS Transaction Server IBM VSAM IBM MQ
Mainframe Operations Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools Software AG - ADABAS

Footnote 1:
A shaded gray cell indicates OSS: Open Source Software.