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SYS-ED's websites organize and present software specific and operational categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for researching information technology training alternatives: web-based training, classroom instruction, learning paths, courseware, and validation assessment.

The SYS-ED business model is being transitioned to apply the findings of a survey conducted by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft Corporation. An article written by Lutz Ziob, General Manager of Microsoft Learning, indicated that high performing teams have between 40 and 55 percent certified Microsoft members who are trained on Microsoft technologies and processes. Certification correlated positively to organizational performance improvements.

The SYS-ED Microsoft Windows operating systems, networks, SharePoint, and PowerShell course search engine entries and presentation of subject matter - learning paths, technology assessments, and state of the software will be posted in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Curriculum -
MS Operating Systems - Curriculum | MS Windows XP | MS Windows Vista | MS Windows 7 | MS Windows 8

MS Networks - Curriculum | MS Windows Server | MS Active Directory | MS Exchange Server | MS Internet Information Explorer | MS SharePoint Server | MS Scripting | MS Workstation Databases

MS SQL Server Curriculum

MS .NET Programming - Curriculum

From UNIX to Linux | Linux - Red Hat | Linux - SUSE | Linux - Ubuntu | LAMP Scripting

Interrelated IT Curriculum | Risk Management and Security | Scripting | WAMP Scripting | WIMP Scripting
About SYS-ED
1. Computer Education Techniques 2. NYS Department of Education 3. Course Search Engine 4. Definition of Service 5. Resources 6. News from SYS-ED 7. Warranty of Service 8. Premium Training Service - MS Windows and Internetworking >> Portfolio of Clients: MS Windows, Networks, and BackOffice >> Public Sector Experience: MS Windows, Networks, and BackOffice >> Portfolio of Clients: UNIX and Linux >> Public Sector Experience: UNIX and Linux  9. Client Support and Feedback: >> MS Windows Server and SQL Server >> Microsoft Networks: n1, n2, n3, n4, n5, n6, n7, n8 >> Linux- and UNIX- variants: i. Linux ii. Solaris iii. Solaris 2.x iv. Solaris 10 v. UNIX Shell Programming
Software Technology and Trends
1. Cloud IaaS / PaaS Platforms 2. Database Software 3. Internetworking - MS Windows, Linux, and UNIX 4. Linux and UNIX 5. Mainframe Virtualization 6. Web Browsers and Mobile Devices
Microsoft Strategic Operating System and Networking Software
1. MS Windows 7 and 8 to 10 2. MS Windows Server 3. MS SharePoint
Microsoft and Hybrid IT Learning Paths and Questions
I. Learning Paths: 1. MS Operating Systems and Networks 2. MS SharePoint 3. Mobile Device Programming 4. MS SQL Server 5. MS .NET 6. MS Azure
II. Questions 1. MS Windows, Networks, and SharePoint 2. MS Phone 3. Web Design 4. PC Applications
Open Source Software Training Services
1. Open Source Software -   OSS: Open Source Software - Questions >> UNIX and Linux Questions >> XML Questions 2. OSS Learning Paths >> Linux-variant OS >> Linux-variant OS by Job Function >> UNIX >> UNIX-Solaris >> XML 3. Hybrid Commercial and OSS Learning Paths >> Database >> Mobile Device Programming >> Web Design
Information Technology Curriculum -
1. Fundamentals and Operating Systems 2. Business Applications 3. Apple Platform 4. Networks 5. Internet 6. Web Servers 7. Linux 8. UNIX 9. Programming Languages 10. Java 11. .NET  12. Application Development 13. Mainframe: z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM 14. IBM Db2 15. Client/Server Database 16. Oracle Platform  17. Cloud Computing
1. Evolving Business Model 2. Standards for Student Handouts 3. SYS-ED Courseware
Distance-learning Center -
1. Web-based Training by SYS-ED 2. Distance-learning 3. Quality of Service Bandwidth 4. Classroom Management Systems 5. Bi-directional Communication
Private Training
1. Selection of Delivery Medium and Subject Matter 2. Training at the Client Location - Cost Analysis 3. Web-based Training - Cost Analysis
Training Programs
I. Training Programs II. Licensing and Experience III. Quality Control
MS Operating Systems and Internetworking Training Programs | MS Operating System Workstations | MS Servers | MS IIS and SharePoint Server | MS Scripting

Client to Server-side Scripting | MS Visual Basic .NET

Linux Deployment and Growth | Red Hat Linux | SUSE Linux | Ubuntu Linux

UNIX Training Programs | UNIX and Linux Fundamentals | UNIX Operations and Network Administration | UNIX and Linux Scripting and Programming | UNIX Application Development | New Training Programs
Discount Plans
1. Multiple Student Discounts 2. Business Professionals and Webmasters 3. IT Professionals
1.Online Enrollment 2. Confirmation Status 3.Local Entertainment 4. Hotel Reservations and Travel
Training Facilities
1. Classroom Facilities 2. Technology Driven Classrooms 3. Training Room Configuration 4. Students with Special Needs
Instructor Training Program
1. Instructor Training  2. Knowledge Transfer Foundation
Experience, Expertise, and Research
1. IT Consultancy Services 2. Recognized Experts 3. Emerging Trends: MS Active Directory and Internetworking, MS SharePoint - Operational Challenges: Virtualization, BYOD, and Scripting 4. Emerging Microsoft Software: MS SharePoint Server, MS PowerShell, and MS Virtualization 5. Specialized Training: MS Phone, Desktop, Web Apps, and Mobile
1. Submit a Technical Question 2.  Qualifying a Requirement
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Courseware for Teaching
SYS-ED's MS Windows, servers, internetworking, and scripting course handouts and training aids address those areas where there is a scarcity of documentation in hybrid areas of information technology.

Technology Driven IT Training
City of New York Department of Small Business Services

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NYS Higher Education City of New York Department of Small Business Services

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Certification of Completion - Pathway to Success Training

MS Operating Systems, Networks, and Web Servers
Internetworking - Core Curriculum
MS SharePoint 2016 MS SharePoint 2014
MS SharePoint 2012 MS SharePoint 2010: Fundamentals
MS SharePoint DesignerMS SharePoint 2010: Architecture,
Design, and Implementation
MS SharePoint Development

MS Windows Server 2016: Installation and Configuration MS Windows Server 2016: Administration
MS Windows Server 2012: Installation and Configuration MS Windows Server 2012: Administration
MS Windows Hypervisor MS Windows PowerShell
MS Windows 2008 Server R2 for Support Personnel MS IIS: Internet Information Server

MS Windows 10: Installation and Support MS Windows 10: Administration
MS Windows 8: Installation and Support MS Windows 8: Administration
MS Windows 7: Installation and Support MS Windows 7: Desktop Administration
MS Windows 7 for Support Personnel UNIX, Linux, and MS Windows: Diagnostics and Tuning
MS Windows Vista for Support Personnel MS Windows XP Desktop Administration
MS Windows XP Professional:
Implementation and Support
MS Windows XP:
Performance Optimization

Subject matter is researched from Barnes and Noble bookstores, New York Public Library System, and Microsoft websites. Microsoft Windows operating systems are used in CETi infrastructure and website operations.
MS operating system, network, and internetworking courses are taught using textbooks in conjunction with CETi courseware. The client networking environment is prototyped for the hands-on exercises: network model, servers, web servers, workstations, and mobile devices. CETi presentation slides and website support services are used for organizing subject matter, walkthroughs, examples, code snippets, and validation assessment.

Distance-learning Service
Microsoft operating system and networking courses can be conducted in a web-based delivery medium by request and after a consultation with the client. A lesson plan based upon the standards of the New York State Department of Education will be presented to the prospective client: 1- Configuration of the Microsoft operating system, network, and web server software. 2- Utilization of OSS: open source software 3- Open source Moodle and web-based tools. 4- Proprietary commercial presentation systems.

Prior to scheduling a course in a web-based delivery medium, SYS-ED requires that the transmission medium, quality of service, and security mechanisms be evaluated and tested.

Footnote 1
Exercises have been developed from multiple sources: Dell Corporation white papers, industry benchmarks, and Microsoft certification standards

Microsoft Internetworking with
Linux- and UNIX- variant Operating Systems

Linux Fundamentals and Support

UNIX Fundamentals - Level I

UNIX - System Administration

UNIX Shell Programming

Upon completion of an instructor-led training program at the client location, it is standard policy to organize subject matter for future utilization in a web-based training infrastructure. It will then be prepared, incrementally refined, and developed into courseware as a learning center.
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